Customer Service Expert Gives Another 101 Secrets for Customer Service Success that Most Companies Don’t Know...How To Truly Explode Your Business, Retain Your Customers (and Your Employees), Measure Your Success, and Positively Impact Your Bottom Line!

Champion for the Human Press Just Released Another Winner: How to Kick Your Customer Service Up A Notch: Another 101 Insider Tips (piggybacking on the first volume)  by Customer Service Expert, Dr. Rosanne D'Ausilio – secrets about stellar customer service.                   Your investment = $47.00 plus shipping and handling.

Tips described in this book are functional, achievable, and actionable.  Through Rosanne’s professional quest to “humanize” customer service, she has gathered ideas from many sources, and shares them with us in this book.  A strong belief of mine, and the philosophy of my worldwide benchmarking efforts is: “All of us are smarter than any one of us.”  In my opinion, this concept is what makes Rosanne’s new book a “must-read” for all.  In short, by understanding what works for others, through Rosanne’s Tips, you can implement them, where applicable, at your own companies.   Dr. Jon Anton, Adjunct Professor, Purdue University Center for Customer-Driven Quality.


6 out of 10 consumers switched providers in one or more industries because of poor customer service.  Was your company impacted?  What is your cost of that lost customer?  What is the cost of dissatisfaction with your company?  What is your investment to obtain a new or potential customer?   If you know your numbers, these tips can help lower your losses.  If you don't know your numbers, these tips will inform you how to calculate your numbers as well as industry standards to benchmark yourself to.

Topics include: 

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What are people saying about these valuable tips?

I appreciate these tips as it helps me to better understand what is "standard" customer service expectations.   


These tips are great!  So many of the topics you cover in there hit close to home.  Just wanted to give you some feedback.  Thank you for the opportunity. 


Thank you, Dr. Rosanne, for that true and encouraging I will remember reading these on the next encounter with the next person!! 


I am enjoying your Human Tech Tips! I really appreciate the info you provide.


Just a word of gratitude to say how much I appreciate reading your tips.  I have been faced with a stressful crisis recently and the tips are all valuable to helping me recover.


I love the wonderful info you provide from your brain and heart.

This was a good one!  I can't wait to read your next one.


 I'm manager & owner of a small press company and we have a small and family-like atmosphere. It's special but like a small family - sometimes I feel like I'm the parent and I have children moaning to me about the others' behavior. Your recent articles about conflict are absolutely perfect and have provided me with much needed wise guidance.

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The leading edge never felt so smooth and understandable.  Author, speaker and thought leader, Rosanne D’Ausilio brings her unique brand of service-oriented insight to her work.   Rosanne chose the right name for her company: Human Technologies.  She never forgets that people are at the heart of technical advancement and service excellence.   Her professional integrity and perfectionist’s approach to problem solving have made her a resource people turn to for fresh thinking and practical solutions.  She is seen by many as a Johnny Appleseed of best practices, spreading around her helpful hints, which grow and add value wherever they take root.  

Bruce Belfiore,Chairman

If you're looking for someone with powerful information and strategies  to help you then Rosanne is the one you absolutely "MUST" listen to!  Never in my life have I met someone so candid and full of such integrity.  Thank you Rosanne thank you for everything!

 Matt Bacak.
Frontier Marketing Intl, LLC Atlanta, GA


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Rosanne D’Ausilio, Ph.D., known as the ‘champion for the human’ is an industrial psychologist, consultant, customer service expert, executive coach, and author of 4 best sellers (so far), Wake Up Your Call Center: Humanize Your Interaction Hub, 4th edition, Customer Service and The Human Experience, How to Kick Your Customer Service Up A Notch: 101 Insider Tips, Lay Your Cards on the Table: 52 Ways to Stack Your Personal Deck (includes 32 card deck) and a popular tips newsletter at To learn more go to


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